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  • What are your boarding check in/out times?
    To ensure that the facility runs smoothly we have set check in/out times for boarding. They are: Monday - Friday 8 am - 10 am & 3 pm - 5 pm Saturday 8 am - 11 am Sunday 3 pm - 4 pm. You must have a scheduled check out for Sundays. For the safety of our pets, if you show up outside of these designated times you may not be able to check in or out.
  • When are your Check in/out times for Doggy Daycare?
    Our Doggy Daycare hours are Monday - Friday with check in 7:00 am - 10 am and check out 3 pm - 5:30 pm. We do not offer half day Doggy Daycare and if you show up after 10 am you will not be able to attend daycare for that day. Check out after 5 pm to 5:30 pm is located in our Doggy Daycare building on the southside of the property. Please park in the Southside parking and enter through the marked walk door.
  • What vaccinations do you require to use your services?
    We require all pets to be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella. These vaccinations must be administered from a State Licensed Veterinarian and be in the pet's system a minimum of 5 days before checking in. All clients are responsible for providing us with a copy of vaccinations by email, fax, in person or uploading them on their client private page.
  • What if I have a puppy that is not fully vaccinated, can I still board?"
    Yes, as long as your puppy is current on the distemper/parvo for it's age and has bordetella, it can still board with us. For the puppy's safety it will not be allowed to leave it's suite until it has received all required vaccinations.
  • Will my dog play with other dog's while it's boarding?
    We do offer Doggy Daycare while boarding for an additional fee. Your dog must first be tested to attend Doggy Daycare. If your dog is not friendly with other dogs you can purchase "Playtime with a staff member" and/or "Cuddle Time" during it's boarding.
  • Can I board my two dogs together?
    Yes, you can have up to 3 dogs boarding together as long they are in the same family household, they will receive Double/Triple Occupancy Discount.
  • Do you offer tours of your facility?
    Yes! Tours are available Monday - Friday during our lobby hours, except from 10 am - 12 pm (which is our quiet time). Saturday 8 am - 11 am. Sorry no tours on Sundays. No appointment is necessary. Just show up and we will be proud to show you our facility.
  • What can you tell me about Kennel Cough?
    We know that your pets are important to you and are like family. We treat them as family when they are here at our facility so you don’t have to worry when you are gone and they are here. We are professionals that take care of lots of pets at once and need to be aware of their safety and welfare. We want to inform and share with you, our clients, what we do and know about kennel cough because every dog that vacations with us is important to us. Kennel Cough is a fairly common ailment in dogs. It is the canine equivalent of the common cold or flu in humans. People tend to associate it with dogs who either are being or recently have been boarded (or “kenneled"). But your dog need not be boarded to catch Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is caused by an airborne virus, which is highly contagious. Just as children often contract colds by being exposed at school or camp, dogs often contract Kennel Cough (hence its name) by being exposed at day care, a boarding facility, or even the dog park wherever other dogs can be found. We do everything that we can to curtail kennel cough. Our cleaning regimen is a 5 step process that includes cleaning with Envirox Green Certified Multi-Purpose cleaner and disinfecting/sanitizing with Wysiwash on every surface that is able to be wiped down to include doggy doors, suites, beds, walls, gates, the play yards, common areas and obviously the floor. Any area your pet will come in contact with. We then hand towel dry each suite. All Staff Members are required to wash their hands when they first clock in and continuously wash their hands throughout the day. The dog’s water and food bowls are stainless and also washed daily and sanitized (with Envirox Dish Safe & Dish San). The radiant floor heat also helps to keep bacteria from growing. Stress has been known to make the immune system weaker, which enables the kennel cough virus to take hold more easily, even with vaccinations against it. We provide a daily routine, relaxing music and human contact with all of our guests to help alleviate the stress that is associated with kenneling. Dogs that have kennel cough are contagious from 3 to 10 days before showing any signs of the virus. This means a dog could check in and have the virus but never show any symptoms before they check out. If your dog displays symptoms of Kennel Cough while attending Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites, we will need to isolate your dog to keep the other dogs safe and healthy, and will ask you to pick the dog up as soon as possible. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but we are dedicated to making Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites the safest possible place it can be. If your dog does develop Kennel Cough symptoms, don’t panic! The way this illness operates is analogous to the common cold that we humans sometimes catch; simply put: it must run its course. Every client is required to show proof of vaccination against kennel cough (Bordetella) from a state licensed Veterinarian before they check in, but unfortunately every strain of kennel cough is not covered by the vaccine as it acts like the common cold virus and is constantly mutating. We require all pets that have never had the Bordetella vaccination to have it in their system a minimum of 5 days prior to check in; and any rescue dogs must be out of the shelter environment for a minimum of 30 days before they are allowed to board with us. If a dog is showing any signs of Kennel Cough at check in, we will not allow them to board with us. Think of Kennel Cough compared to the human common cold. Many local vets have told us that it runs its course in about 10 days or so without medical intervention. Worst cases should be put on antibiotics and have controlled rest. The average case will be back to normal in a few weeks. If your dog has a cough keep in mind that running around in extreme weather will aggravate it. Pretty much like us when we are sick except a dog doesn’t seem to know when he/she has overdone it or when to quit and relax. Kennel cough seems to go in spurts like a cold does. Every kennel in the area is at risk of an out-break of kennel cough. This is an airborne virus that is HIGHLY contagious. Although most commonly contacted through a place such as a boarding facility or your vets office your dog could come across this virus at the dog park, on a walk past the neighbor’s house, going to the vet or just running around in their very own back yard. Kennel cough is not developed in a kennel, it is brought in unknowingly from the outside by a client. We pledge to you to do everything within our power to keep your pet healthy during their stay with us. We are not trying to over dramatize the situation or underplay it, but rather to inform and educate our clients. We want you to know that we care deeply for each and every guest that comes through our doors and their health and safety is our main priority.
  • May I bring personal items while my dog is boarding?
    Yes, we encourage you to bring a blanket and a maximum of 3 toys per dog while they stay. We DO NOT accept personal human clothing items for sanitary reasons. You do not need to bring any bowls as we provide stainless steel bowls for each pet. Please do not bring any expensive bedding as it may be destroyed or damaged during your pet's stay. For your convience, we laundry all washable items before you check out, at no additional charge.
  • Can I have my dog groomed while it's boarding?
    Yes! We have Professional Trained Pet Stylist on staff that will be happy to groom your pet before leaving. We will do everything in our power to make this work, but we do ask that you make this appointment a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.
  • My dog is taking oral medication, can he still board with you?"
    Yes! We are able to give your dog oral medications that require a minimum of 12 hour time between doses. There is a minimal fee to administer all medications. If you chose to prepackage your food and put the medication in the food we cannot guarantee your dog will take it's required medication. We can NOT accept diabetic dogs that need insulin injections. Dogs that are wearing cones are not allowed to use our services.
  • Do you accept dogs that are in heat?
    We prefer not to take any dog that are in their heat cycle, but for emergencies we will. Your dog will not leave the suite for for the safety or your dog and our staff. An additional daily cleaning fee for dogs boarding while in heat will be charged.
  • How are your boarding rates charged?
    We charge by the level of suite, not the size of the dog. Similar to how you go on vacation. Depending on what level of suite you stay in determines your boarding rate. We have Standard, Deluxe, Luxury and Villa Level Suites. We do offer double and triple occupancy discounts for dogs from the same family living in the same household. Our maximum number of dogs in a suite is 3. We also charge by the day, not the night. The best way to understand is to think, if your dog is here the majority of the day you are charged for that day. So, if you check in during the morning check in, you are charged for that day. If you check in in the afternoon check in time, you are NOT charged for that day. For check out, if it's in the morning check out, you are NOT charged for that day and if it's the afternoon check out, you are charged for that day. By doing it this way, you don't have to rush back for the afternoon check out, because if you check out the next morning it's the same price! The only exceptions to this rule are weekend and holidays boarding. Weekends only have a Saturday morning check in and out and a Sunday afternoon check in and out. So if your dog stays Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, you are charged 2 days. BUT if you check in Friday afternoon and check out Monday morning you are still only charged 2 days (NOT 3 nights). Some Holidays do require a 2 day minimum charge and some Holidays fall on weekends which may require a longer stay due to our Holiday Schedule. By doing the rates this way more people are able to have a longer stay for less money.
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