"We Train all Breeds, Big and small."

Our Training Programs

Here at Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suties we take training your pet very serious.  Our professional experienced trainers will take the time to learn your needs and do their best to achieve your goals.  

Below you will find a list of the training programs we offer. 

Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Meet our trainers!

Due to the high demand for our Training services.  All classes are booking approx. 4-6 weeks out.  Please call asap to set up a training session.


Board & Train

Board & Train

Behavioral &



 All B & T Programs include: Meet & Greet with professional trainer, weekly updates by email or text, private exit training class, finish video and one follow up session in your home*.

2 Week Program - This program is for dogs who have received training elsewhere, but needs some clean up.  Includes heeling (loose leash), sit (to include at the door), down and place at our boarding facility. Perfect for the owner who needs their basic commands refreshed.  Boarding in a Standard level Suite**.  Price:  $900

3 - Week Program -  Includes 2 week program's obedience and adds a long down/stay (with place), recall and distractions. Training is conducted on property inside and outside. This course gives the owner more control of their pet. Boarding in a Standard Level Suite**

Price: $1,100

4 - Week "Off Leash" Remote Collar Program - Includes Off site obedience with real world distractions, heeling, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, automatic sit, recall, place, and leave it command. Perfect course for owners who want control of their pets off leash and be able to have nice control in public.  (for dogs with other behavioral issues, those issues may be addressed instead of off leash training) Boarding in a Standard Level Suite** and includes Electronic  RemoteTraining Collar. 

Price:  $1,600 

Board & Train Monthly Group Class

We are now offering group monthly classes for any client that attended our 3 or 4 Week Board & Train Obedience Training Program.  Classes are limited to 3 clients and last 45 minutes.  You can attend as many sessions as you would like! You must pre register to attend.

Dates:  1st Saturday of Each Month.  NO Class July 3, 2021

Times:  11:00 am - 11:45 am

Price:  $25 Each Session (you must register to attend)

5 Day Revitalize Program -

Our Revitalize Program is a dog training program designed to provide either refresher training or continued practice for dogs who have trained with us previously in our 3 or 4 week Board & Train Programs.  Includes Meeting with Trainer, email/text update and exit class. 

Price:  $350 (includes boarding in a Standard Level Suite)

*Follow up session limited to 20 miles of facility.

**Upgrade to Deluxe Level Suite an additional $15 per day, Luxury Level Upgrade is an additional $25 per day (based on availability)

***Add Canine Good Citizen to 3 or 4 week Board & Train for an additional $50.

    Our Board & Train Behavioral Modification & Aggression Program is for dogs that have behavioral or aggression concerns.  This can include food aggression, bite history, issues with nail trims or any other concerns that go beyond routine obedience. 

    4 Week Behavioral Modification Program

    We will address your dogs behavioral concerns and add the necessary obedience to achieve your goals. This program includes exit training class, video/email updates and follow up training session.  Includes Remote Training Collar.

    Price:  $1,850

    4-6 Week Aggression Modification

    The trainer will work with you to achieve goals to address any aggression issues you are having.  This program includes exit training class, video/email updates and follow up training session.  Includes Remote Training Collar.

    Price:  $2,300


    Private Training

    Private Training classes are a great way for the owner that wants to learn and grow with their dog. 


    During these 3 one on one training sessions (60 minutes each) we will help you accomplish 3 main behavior goals such as walking with a loose leash, polite greetings, no biting/nipping, door manners, stay commands, place, come when called and other, non aggressive, behavior issues.  Price:  $235



       Group Class is a fun way to learn obedience with your dog.  It is great for beginners as well as clients who want to add some distraction into their training program.

      Basic Level Group - 5 week Course

      During class we will cover loose leash walking, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay and come when called.  Class test will consist of:

      • 1 minute of heeling without dog pulling ahead

      • 1 minute sit/stay while 5 ft from your dog

      • 2 minute down/stay while 5 ft from your dog

      • come when called from 15 ft away from your dog

      Price: $140

      Dates: 7/29 - 8/26, Thursdays 11 am - 12 pm

      Advanced Level Class - 5 week Course

      During class we will work on heel, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay and recall while applying real world distractions.  Class goals are:

      • Dropped leash heeling

      • 2 minute sit/stay from 20 ft with distractions

      • 5 minute down/stay from 20 ft with distractions

      • Come when called from 20 ft with distractions 

      Price: $125




      Doggy Day School is a great way to have your pet trained while you are at work, school or whatever you are doing.  This is a 6 day training program that works on 4 commands,  loose leash walking, sit, place and recall on leash.  You bring your dog to school 2x a week, leaving at least 1 day in between so you can work on the homework.  

      Your dog will receive training by one of our professional trainers.  The trainer will video the training session and send it to you along with instructions for your homework.  

      At the end of the 6 day program you will receive a 30 minute graduation in person lesson to answer questions and meet with trainer.

      Level II Doggy Day School adds down, door manners, distractions and continues to work on Level I skill building.  E collar introduction training can be added to Level II.  (You must purchase the E Collar from us.)

      These packages includes daily care, training, video lesson/home work and the 30 minute private session. 

      Price:  $300*.  

      *Payment is due at time of reservation.



        Service Temporarily


         We now offer "In Home" puppy lessons for pups that are 8 - 16 weeks in age and too young to attend one of our other training program.  This course is 3 - 30 minutes sessions. One of our trainers will come to your home and cover the following topics:

        • Potty training tips

        • What to expect when your pup gets older

        • Beginnings of sit and leash manners

        • Help with nipping and jumping

        Client must live within 15 miles of facility (additional fees for outside 15 miles).  

        Instructor:  Courtney                 Price:  $175

        Service Temporarily





          Below is a list of other Specialized Training classes we offer.  If you have a specific type of training that is not listed, please contact us as we may offer it.  If not we will assist you in locating a professional trainer to meet your needs.

          Trick Class

          Let's have some fun our dogs!  Trick class is for dogs that have passed one of our basic level obedience training programs.  This class is offered in a group setting.  You will learn:  Sit pretty, spin, turns, play dead and bow.  

          Instructor:  Courtney                    Price: $125

          Behavior Assessments

          We offer Behavior Assessments for clients that have issues with their dogs but not quite sure what to do.  This assessment is to determine what type of training is best or if another option is available.

          Price:  Call for pricing


          We will be offering a few different options for Agility Courses coming in the near future.  This classes will cover: Introduction to Agility, Agility 1 and 2.  Be sure to check back for class dates and more information.

          Other Training

          We also offer more working line dog training through our other company Midwest Professional Canine Services; such as Personal Protection, Service Dogs, Schutzhund and Police Dog Training.  You can find that website by clicking the link below.

          New Class Fall of   2021

            We require all pets to be to current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella and be a minimum of 5 months in age to attend any of our Training Programs.  This does not apply to puppies that are enrolled in the "in home Puppy Classes".  To schedule any program please contact us by phone to set up your program.  

            To schedule training you MUST call us and pre payment or deposit is required at time of scheduling for all training classes.