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Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites - Training
Some of our happy 600+ training clients
Lexie with Joe Blew
Solomon with Dawn Azimi
Gibbs with Karen Holycross
Bolo with Julie Baker
Nala with Tara Milligan
Clari with Janet Negangard
Ellie with Shannon Guthrie
Mas with Susanne Holycross
Bowser with Debi Allhands
Rocco with Cheryl Briggs
Boody with Sara Brown
Kyon with Paul and Diane Murphy
Pet with Pat Gay
Cece with Neil Flannery
Stanley with Meg Sempsrott
Max with Nancee Keller
Cain with Jenna Howard
Zevan with John Leverenz
Rowdy with Wenda Like
Mojo with Bekah Boss
Ollie with Michael and Danielle Gill
Gus with Christy Hall
Bella with Lynn Morgan
Zoey with Marla Flynn
Duke with Jessica Stamm
Tito and Mo with Nicole Steel
Cupid with Julie Rosebraugh
Roxie with Rebecca Taylor
Luna with Marty Fellers
gunner with Luchawana Simmons
Madusa with Stephan Keleminic
Oscar with Abbey Rummel
Ava with Jon & Mandy Mourer
Lazarus with Dennis & Casey Ellis
Max with Devon Mourer
Boscoe with Mary Vandenberg
Sunny with Tammy Kelley
Bella with Scott Merryman
Robbi Sue with Laura Springer
Nina with Margaret Thompson
Maggie with Bekka Lewis
Dexter with Don & Pam McAskill
Auggie with Kara Bletzinger
​Alfred with Anthony March
Mozy with Jackie Juvinall
Wrigley Rose with Dave & Vickie Caudill
Ace with Brad Allhands
​Tuscan with Jennifer Hillard
Yadi with Jana Arbuckle
Mastino with Kristina Fitzgerald
Kasey with Kay Morgan
Boris with Chad & Julie Wahls
Sosa with Reta Lamb
Charlie with Julie Lester
Axel with Eric & Jill Trigalet
Cooper with Ryan Clutts
Tess with Connie Law
Mikey with Jason & Heather Irelan
Khloe with David Bussey Jr. 
Loki with Brandon Daily
Kash with Amanda Potter
Max with Ellen Macieiski
Thompson with Bob McIntire
Lady with Jean Morgan
Sis with Shane Myers
Sandy with Sharon Jones
Sage with Karen Pezeshki
Buster Brown with Lora Harbaugh
​Jaylen with Justin Garrard
Jaxon with Justin Garrard
Roxy with Ken Curtis
Hera with Jeff & Robin Hegg
Zoey with Pete & Jen O'Brien
Helga with Katie & Trever Woods
Gretchin with Carla Kimmell
Ziggy with Natalie Cline
Ren with Kimber Downing
Cych with Hoopeston Animal Shelter
Pepper with Kaitylin Warbritton
Lucy with Tara Riggleman
Jax with Ashley Wireman
Fisc with Betty Brennan
Chibbs with Julie Hines
Finley with Heather Roberts
Chyanne with Hoopeston Animal Shelter
Ava with TJ & Lisa Ribbe    
Diesel with Joyce Strong
Day-z with Rebecca Bedinger
Milo with Natasha Brown
Fergas with Tera Clawson
Max with Ofcr Cornett,Danville PD
Blues with Ofcr Howie, Danville PD
Nitro with Cathy Orvis
Drake with Tad Goble
Laney with Sandy Kaag
Jasmine with Alexis Julian
Mia with Ryan McLaughlin
Titan with Sidnee Gordon
Tor with Stanley Johnson
Piper with Jim Richards
Lilly with Jason Crawford
Ally with Pam Gurchie
Dexter with Debbie Hogren
Davis with Marlee Hughes
Pollo with Shawn Murphy
Nova with Jim Cornett
Sunny with Ken Hrodey
Max with Scott & Chelsey Hardy
Marley with Richard Long
Barley with Janet Ives
Gilbert with Shirley Harlan
Ginger with Kathy Bodart
Ruger with Todd & Amanda Nardoni
Junie B with Krista Zionic
Rocky with Mike Williams
Gracie with June Arbuckle
Bogey with Vickie Trask
Nick with Ken & Rhonda Gentrup
Rebe with Troy Hafner
Roma with Neena Tripathy
Jax with Natalia Huff
Honey with Jacque & John Deltuva
Clover with Mary Fletcher
Nash with Vickie Gabehart
Miss Piggy with Brooke Grider
Wilbur with Mitzi Pape
Piper with Alice Lockhart
Foxy with Marci & John Miller
Sascha with Jackson Darnell
Fritz with Charles & Phyllis Whitaker
Abby with Jim Shake
Stevie with Wanda Buchanan
Dexter with Jessica Holmes
Spot with Larry & Joy Boggs
Iris with Tabitha Booe
Shelby with Tove Christensen
Gunner with Doug Ward
Sophie with VCAS
Bow with Aaron & Cori Richardson
Stella with Benjamin Biggerstaff
Diesel with Lee Baird
Rosie with Merrill & Carole Crippin
Gracie with VCAS
Junie Bug with Shelia Holmes
Chloe with Julie Paddor
Tonia with Steve & Amy Holmes
Molly with Nate Byram
Chief with Marilyn & Jerry Furnish
Buddy with Marie Lietz
Hope with Rebecca Degner
Roscoe with Dale & Becky Phenicie
Jagger with Nathan Lithgow
Chester with Jamie Berthel
Maltida with Kathleen Bayles
Kodabear with Donna Powell
Axl with Kristi Burghart
Pele with Logan Stultz
Luna with Kayla Fleming
Joker with Jennifer Shuman
Ozzie with Marty Malan
Mercedes with Ashley Rocotello
Indy with Molly Walton
Kirby with Marla & Gary Watson
Koda with Jami Krynski
Karma with Joe Webber
Grizzley with Cindy Taylor
Bluebelle with Suan Rouse
Sadie with Sally McGregor
Doc with Ed Mahler
Riley with Becky Kesler
Copper with Jacqueline Raney
Liberty with Shawn & Kerrie Carson
Bella with Lexie Suttle
Nash with Jacob Ohl
Ginger with Kathy Bodart

Roscoe with jay Vanduyn
Buddy with Jerry & Connie Armstrong
Ranger with Donald Dobkins
Blaze with Robin Golden
Daisy with Corey & Pam Wilson
May with Janice Shepherd
Cali with Teresa Winn
Sugar with Rebecca Melikyan
Mojo with Julie Lester
Lambeau with Josh Edington
Ozzy with Silviu Ciobanu
Bella with Cathy Wolf
Harley with Cathy Jo Brown
Xochi with David Espino
Sophie with Dennis Broy
Lucy with Jackie Lopez
Ammie with Dr. Robert Elghammer
Maggie with Daniel Leader
Tucker with Amy Hooker
Aussie & Scooby with Doris Halls
Zeus with Rae Kirby
Cooper with Steve Doggett Westville Police Dept.
Kelie with Jim & Sherri Ratliff
Happy with Mary Ellen Grilly
Ginger with Pat Mcgee
Diesel with Lili Hicks
Ranger with Kristen Sackley
Sully with Tom Kirby Westville Police Department
Gabby with Ryan Sparling
Olivia with Stephanie Georges
Buddy with David Kennedy
Gypsy with Diane Meers
Riley with Kristen & Dave Strong
Toby with Bonnie Forshier
Avery with Nick & Stephanie Lange
Sampson w/ Sandra Jones (Behavior Assessment)
Chico with Oscar Rodriguez
Clifford with Brian & Brandi Gustin
Kira with Karen West
Willie Jo with Laura Springer
Bella with Scott Merryman
Otis with Amber & Nate Mojonnier
Blu with Sally Johnson
​Bandit with Craig Golden
Palin with Maridale Palmer
Cusco with Angela Davis
Rascal with Kristine McMasters
Zeus with Pam Young
Cooper with Nick Dilbeck
Zoey with Lisa Burks
Rend with Charlie & Michelle Varvel
Zeus with Mike Atwell
Cash with Callie Rinehart
Laila with Bill & Cathy Hamilton
Daisy with Troy Enos
Jasper with Jason & Heather Elliott
Juno with Mona Elghammer
Jack with Rana Meents
Newla with Tony & Janette Nash
Yadi with Rick Lucas
Drifter with Dorothy Johnson
Riley with Janice Shepherd
Winston with David & Barb Smith
JJ with Dora Nelson
RJ with Lori Drake
Charlotte with Janet Palmer
Neeka with Pam Moyer
Frankie with Steve & Kim Moore
Tessabelle with Tracy Stitt
Lux with Kathleen Orcutt
Sterling with Mendy Spesard
Sunny with Tammy Kelley
Winnie with Eric & Sarah Millis
Stoney with Julie Gay
Zeus with Darla Ewing
Stormy Blue with Trena Bennett
Rox with Teri Warren
Dixie with Victoria Heyse
Layla with Kim Willis
Luke with Kaylan Huber
Le with Tyler Burris
Huckleberry with Jaimee Martin
Toby with Marcia Draper
Bear with Michael Wallace
Kira with Ashely Cook
Theo with Kevana Ellis
Buddy with Elizabeth Kennedy
August with Keith Hughes
Olive with Connie Kittell
Buddy with Marie Lietz
Yadi with Rick Lucas
Boss with EJ Martin
Riley with Tom Zionic
Link with Jessica Berger
Holly with Don Roesch
Deuce with Cassidy Keist
Bigfoot with Dru Maskel
Outlaw with Jacqueline Sisson
Cosmo with Daniel Enos
Diesel with Lee Baird
Lilly with Julie Brock
Vera with Kurt Heinrich
Beullah with Steve Hicks
Bailey with Sandy Lawlyes
Bogey with Vicki Trask
Ivy with Kasi Anderson
Shane with Edwina Teague
Cooper with Hunter Walton
Cooper with Debbie Clapper
Mia with Mike Williams
Hank with Virgil Tutwiler
Sammy with Patsy Sparks
Bubba with Daniel Leake
Akita with Jenny Borello
Diesel with Darlen Dastous
Raven with Dan & Kitty Kelley
Stella Rose with Darcy McMahon
Korra with Kayla Roberts
Loki with Stacey Black
Molly with John & Sue Bracewell
Mister with Sherri McCormick
Sassy with Linda Potter
Gus with Nicole Bell
Jasper with Tom & Monica Wisecup
Oliver with Tom & Monica Wisecup
Clinker with Deanna Latoz
Axel with David Vansicke
Murphy with Todd Moran
Zeus with VCAS
Mr. Toad with Deanna & Bryan Crain
Bella with Sheryl Maltsberger
Roscoe with Rachael LaCombe
Grace with Chris Delaney
Dixie with Maureen Donofrio
Koda with Elizabeth Rudolph
Yogi with Jeff Mathis
Sampson with VCAS
Aunt Bea with Linda Darby
Hank with Stephanie Thomason
Jake with John Krebs
Trooper with Sonnia Crowder
Milo with Jodie Atwood
Luna with Amanda Hubner
Luna with Josh & Bobbi Smith
Dougal with Kayla Dillman
Boston with Darren Martin
Shortstop with Lisa Repko
Susie with Joni Rundbloom
Boomer with Glen Rundbloom
Riley with Dean Elghammer
Max with Jason Hill
Tillie with Deana King
Charlie with Wyatt Hall
Callie with ReAnna Hahn
Bella with Brandon Markham
Bubba with Steve Blaine
Chase with Katey Schiering
Goldie with Cindy Pridemore
Hope with Rebecca Degner
Chief with Jerry & Marilyn Furnish
Wrangler with April Bennett
Ruger with Janet Sidwell
Duke with Keely Criswell
Eddie with Rhoda Lewis-Cummings
Izzy with Marcus & Jill Hackman
Gunner with Pat Whittington
Benelli with Lyndsey Ellis
Maggie with Elizabeth Kennedy
Stella with Julie York
Isabelle with Andrew & Kaitlynn Stevens
Rizzo with Aaron & Stacie Stevens
Daisey with Ashley Hess
Riley with Mona Elghammer

Skruffy with Peggy & Howard Carrell
Magner with Ryan Grimes
Java with Rodger Burgin
Sui Li with Imogene Beckley
Rocky with Mary Fletcher
Wrigley with Mandy Hendrix
Jessie with Ree Carlton-Darby
Preston with Tina Pruitt
Chopper with Carleen Elliott
Paris & Nicole with Donnie Anderson
Maximus with Tracy Branson
Ginger with Jason Brown
Aggie & Mack with Carlos Aguilar
Cooper with Shanna Burnett
Maggie with Cody Zigler
Rufus with Jo Miller
Mopar with Penny Yoho
Lil Man with Leah Lutz
Sugar Plum with Selena Rice
Butch with Fay Lynch
Private with Keith Nagy
Gabby with Dennis & Michelle Stark
Josie with Stan & Mary Hardy
Ava with Sally Grubb
Buzz with Bill & Maria Hopkins
Brandi with Diana Szaras
Bear with Jerry Venute
Clara Bell & Daisy with Linda Kero
Luna with Mark Harris
Autumn and Amber Lawhorn
Bella and Kayla Okerson AKC CGC
Leo and Dennis Rogers AKC CGC
Bella with Mary Randall
Bocephus with Bill & Kelly McMasters
Chance with Bill Musson
Alfred with Mike Childers & Tiffany Juvinall
Sylas with Jessica Marble
Miss Polly Ann with Sharon Marsh
Layla with Terry Thomas
Renzo with Steve & Teri Hyde
Missy with Janay Cannady
Lulu with Melissa Johnson
Nala with Danielle Longest
Nickademus with Dot Woods
Sheldon with Karen Butikas
Max with Jason & Lindsey Murphy
Dunkin with Doug & Robin Wadsworth
Zoe with Chris Griffin
Ziva with Kelli VanDuyn
Patton with Jim & Annette Warbritton
Bella with Robin & Diane Dukes
Heidi with Ray Engel
Jenny with Twyla Gates
Molly with Peggy Black
Molly with Janet Hillard
Shynner with Annette Hillard
Max with Janice Shepherd
Buddy with Jane Greazer
Maddy with Phyllis Weubben
Amos with Kaleb Haddix
Milo with Natasha Brown
Duke with Dewain & Marilyn Moore
Gabby with Vicki Durbin
Baxter with Barbie Georges
Kizzy May with Kati Vanevenhoven
Max with Barbara Manicke
Kaelynn with Sherry Marlin
Khona with Hailey Johnson
Newton with Jane Cooney
Reagan with Bob & Dianne Rice
Abby with Terry Mourer
Dungee with David & Ann Keith
Angus with Elke Peters
Darrell with Matt & Suzette Richardson
Sky with Mona Elghammer
Chase with Dave Stone
Stitch with Ofcr T. Kirby, Westville PD
Zuri with Ofcr Chew, University of Illinois PD
Stihil with Gibson City PD
Precious with Zach Troxel
Levi with Kathy Bodart
Stella with Tyler Brennan
Emerson with Michael Brown
Louie with Ann Eslinger
Duke with Jeannie Glines
Rocky with Betty Leighty
Roxy with Dan Mikel
Tux with Will Patterson
Ellie Mae with Susan Pickering
Bullett with Crhis Seaman
Max with Jen Slavik
Abby with Cheryl Turner
Norman with Arik Bruens
Calvin with Jennifer Todd
Sofie with Rodney Smart
Willow with Tanner Lincicum
Sadie with Teresa Wright
Kaiser with Kelsey Adams
Oakley with Kyle Butcher
Brandy with Ken Ohr
Zeus with Darla Ewing
Zelda with Adam Berger
Athena with Nuria Arwari
Zeus with Nuria Arwari
Kumo with Jill Palmer
Delilah with Chelsey Juvinall
Zeus with Tina Mycroft
Ruger with Kori Powers
Sophie with Eric Luttrell
Bentley with Greg Acton
Jasmine with Teresa Campbell
Vader with Tracey DeWeese
Maggie with Elizabeth Kennedy
Sam with Ray & Becky Digby
Kota with Taylor Brown
Jack with Ofcr Rannebarger, Danville PD
Chewy with Ofcr Beckman, U of I PD
Scout with Deputy Hennis, VCSD Indiana
Sophie with Marianne Kingore
Riley with Michelle Perez
Charlie with Michelle Perez
Penny with Maria & Kevin Campos
Rio with Lisa Smith
Rizzo with Gina Reed
Beck with Brad Decker
Feebee with Tiffanie Sisson
Zoey with Tammi Helka
Odie with Patti & Rusty Reese
Jackson with Jackie & Andrew Hahn
Lexi with Carolyn with Voglezang
Sadie with Austin & Ross Darby
Sonic with Amanda Ferguson
Rico with Billy & Kristin Puckett
Bella with Carol Huddleson
Khloe with Hannah Belser    
Sadie with Ann Rudd
Poncho with Joshua Robinson
Taz with Tisha Feinstein
Alma Rose with Debra Baldwin
Hannah with Brittney Kurth
Gamo with Jerry Sanders
Salem with Kelli Shepherd
Luna with Kim Webber
May with Emily Crane
Katie with Corey Ireland
Jake with Corey Ireland
Bentley with Ann Keith
Gunter with Mary Deane
Zoe with Laurie Karzon
Lucy with Jennifer O'Herron
Dolly with Cindy Robbins
Mo with Marsha Osterbur
Gryffin with Phil & Amanda Cox
Cochise with Kenneth Dale
Emma with Marshall Dale
Taz with Michael Phillips
Titan with Steven Gnoden
Blake with Dana Sanders
Charlie with Bob & Mary Shutt
Bounty with Greg Byram
Gigi with Eric Turner
Phoenix with Rita Lomax
Ella with Chip Runyan
Milo with Zahia Mokraoui
Keelie with Mark & Lisa Wyer
Olive with Mark Anderson
Prince with Richard Ferpotto
Bree with Brenda Seader
Rosie with Claudia & Curt Anderson
Gracie Indie with Rodney  & Becky Grohler
Milo with Dennis & Joyce Smith
Dixie Lou with Wade Rennaker
Lilly with Jason Crawford
Milo with Nikki McConkey
Dexter with Debbie Hogren
Kairo with Troy Nipper
Stella with Courtney LaFoe
Ada with Zack Digby
Maxx with David & Jennifer McQuown
Annie with Carolyn Sapochetti
Dixie with Maureen Donofrio

"He (Tony) had my dog sitting and downing, without moving, in 5 minutes!  And my dog loved it!"
"I lost the joy of walking my dog.  He would drag me everywhere.  Tony had him walking calmly in no time at all..."
"We attended obedience classes elsewhere and was still struggling...after attending the one session with Tony our dog was like a new dog..."
What people are saying about our Training:
You can now order Tony's new training booklet "The Comfort Zone:  5 Step Guide to Dog Training".  

It is available at

Just click the picture to be taken to the website and order your copy today!

Order now for ONLY $7.99

Obedience Instructor's Course - Level 1 
Have you ever wanted to teach your own dog obedience class and be your own boss?  Now you can.  We are offering a Level 1 Obedience Instructor's Course for those who want to learn how to train dogs.  

At the end of this course you be able to operate your own dog obedience school.  Below is the sample outline:
Class Outline:

Origin of the dog
Learning Theories
Training Equipment
Fundamental Principals of Training
Basic Obedience
Advanced Obedience
Problem Solving
Drives & Genetics
Establish your Business
Teaching Classes

Contact us for more information!
Contact us for Start Date

4 Weeks

Financing Available
Group Basic Obedience Class
Level 1
New Dates coming soon!

Level 2

Instructor:  Carolyn Daniel

​Group class consist of a minimum of 5 teams 
(Team = 1 K9 & 1 Handler).  You must Pre 
pay/register for class to hold your spot.  All K9's 
must be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella. 
If you have any questions please contact us.  217-442-7297


                              Class #1: introduction to leash handling; basic position; heeling; sit
                              Class #2: Continue from class #1; sit/sit stay
                              Class #3: Continue previous classes; down/down stay
                              Class #4: Continue previous classes; come when called
                              Class #5: Continue previous classes; stand

"Just took a very nice, a little bit chilly, walk with Tuscan. It was very nice to have him walking so nicely beside us! We have seen a dramatic change in our baby in the 2 days he's been home. Thank you so much!!!"
Financing Available!!
Private Training

Our private training classes are like no other (that we know of). We cover in one class what most dog training schools do in 6 weeks. How is that possible? Our training methods. You attend class with just you, your dog and the trainer. We cover the basic obedience material such as the sit, down, stay and heel, but we also go over so much more. We have our own opinion on dog training and IT WORKS! (minimum age to attend 5 months)


 1 Private Session Refresher class (for previous clients)....$150 

 3 Private Sessions (1 hour each) at our facility................................$235 

Board and Train

Busy? Don't have time to train, but want an obedient dog? Going out of town for
 few weeks and wish your dog was trained when you get back? If so, our board 
and train package is for you. Drop your dog off at our facility and return a few weeks
later with a happy obedient dog. Your dog will be trained by our professional trainers 
in basic obedience. We will also work on problems that you've came across and 
correct them. While staying with us your dog stays in a Standard Level suite and you 
receive a one on one private class upon returning to pick up your newly trained dog.

Class includes:  Meet & Greet with your trainer, Obedience Training, Boarding, Private 
One on One Training session with your trainer, Fun DVD of your dog performing Obedience and
Follow up 20 minute private training session 2-3 weeks later to make sure everything is going well.  


21 Day Training Program.....................................$900 (Includes DVD & follow up refresher course)

Behavior Assessment

Problems with your dog and not sure where to turn....We provide behavior assessments to provide 
you with options on what might work best for you.

At our facility (20 mins)  Assessment ONLY..............................................................$35.00
Personal Letter with results..........................................................................................$15.00
Assessment with 60 minute training session................................................................$100.00 first hour, $50 each additional hour

At home assessment with 60 minute training session...................................................$125.00 first hour, $75 each additional hour
                                                                                                                                       (Time begins when leaving our facility)
AKC Canine Good Citizen

Test (only) ..........................................................................$10.00
30 minute Training Session with Test.................................$50.00
60 minute Training Session with Test.................................$85.00

Schutzhund Training Program​

Learn the skills it takes to title your dog in Schutzhund from an experienced
Schutzhund competitor.  Carolyn Daniel has titled both of her dogs in Schutzhund 
and competed at the National Level.  This unique class will give you one on one
personal training with Carolyn to get your dog to level needed to receive a title.  This
includes obedience, tracking and protection.  (All dogs must be tested to see if they
have the required drive to perform in this sport)

60 minutes Class...............................................................$50.00  (3 session minimum)​

Click Picture below to go to our Training Site:
Our Most Popular Training Program
Very popular fun class!
More Training Classes to be announced soon!
Service Dog Training

We understand the importance of a Service Dog to a person with a disability.  For that reason, we offer training for Service Dogs for PTSD.  This can be for a military veteran or a person who has had traumatic incident where a Service Dog is needed.  The dogs we train as Service Dogs fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and are not comfort support dogs.  These dogs are trained as working dogs with a job.  Just like all Service Dogs it takes a very special dog to be able to do this work.  Not just any dog can do this type of work and with that we hand select our dogs.  

Our PTSD Service Dog Training includes the dog, the training of the dog, the training of the handler and continuous maintenance training.  

Packages start at....................................................................................................... $15,000 depending on type of dog and training needed