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Boarding Information: *check in/out times are located on our contact us page
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*For Grooming, Training and/or Doggy Daycare reservation please contact us directly by phone or stop in.
Extra Activities:  * additional fees apply  Please denote how many activities you want during your stay in the additional comments section at the bottom.  For example:  "playtime 2x daily or cuddle time every day."
I would like my pet to participate in the following during it's stay:
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Must provide Check In/Out times below
(times are firm, no exceptions)
All clients must have a "Best Friends Information Sheet" on file.  We recommend all "new" clients click on the link to the right, print, complete and bring the form in at check in.  
You must receive a confirmation by EMAIL, be sure to check your spam box.  No reservations are confirmed until you have been contacted with a confirmation by Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites.  If you need to cancel or move a confirmed reservation, please contact us 72 hours in advance. Most confirmations are returned within 24 hours.  We can not guarantee an on line reservations made less than 24 hours before requested check in time.
By submitting this reservation request, I agree my pet is healthy and agree to following the boarding and grooming policies by Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites.  My pet has obtained the necessary vaccinations to include Bordetella, Rabies and Distemper/Parvo a minimum of 5 days prior to check in.  I understand that I am responsible to bring my pets own food or I will be charged for the house food and that my reservation is not confirmed until I receive such confirmation from Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites.
Grooming while boarding can not be guaranteed at check in.  

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Boarding Deposit:  See at bottom in RED.  Please READ!
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*Credit Card information is NOT kept on file to pay your final bill, it is destroyed after deposit is paid, if necessary.   
Boarding Deposit Policy:   
We require a $25 deposit per suite at time of reservation, in form of check, cash or Credit Card, for all new (first time) boarding clients AND boarding stays during our peak boarding dates (Dec 23 to January 2; last 2 weeks of March; May 15 to September 15; Wednesday before Thanksgiving to Monday following Thanksgiving). Your credit card is only charged if you do not show or cancel less allotted time.  A deposit refund will only be granted for boarding reservations cancelled a minimum of 5 days prior to the first scheduled check in time. Deposits will be forfeited if cancellation is not made within the designated time frames. 

"No Show" reservations will require full payment of boarding at next boarding reservation.

During these (stated above) dates Luxury Suites must be booked for a 2 day minimum stay or you will be charged for 2 days, no exceptions.

During last 2 weeks of March, Thanksgiving (Wed/Thurs/Fri) and Dec 23 to Jan 2 all-suites require a 2 day minimum stay, no exceptions.  

Any Additional Comments:
Activity Package Deals!  Book and SAVE $$         ( IMPORTANT:  Packages Cannot be split up)
* All Packages and Activities are "Each" not per stay.


MEDICATION SHEET.  If your pet will be taking any type of medication during their vacation; you can print off the medication sheet here, fill it out and bring it with you.  This will save you time at check in.  
Boarding Client Information Packet
Medication  Sheet
Please allow 24 hours for all 
on line reservations.
During peak boarding dates, Luxury Suites require 2 day minimum stay.
You must print these forms and bring in.
Please allow 24 hours for all 
on line reservations.
Please allow 24 hours for all 
on line reservations.
Please allow 24 hours for all 
on line reservations.
Please allow 24 hours for all 
on line reservations.
Please allow 24 hours for all 
on line reservations.
I agree to all terms.
Playtime ($5.95 per 30 minute session of playtime in the play yard with staff, additional dog $2.95)
Grooming (Advanced reservation a minimum of 14 days required)
Maintenance Training (must have previous training at our facility, $25 per day)
Extra Potty Break (For dogs that need more potty breaks through out the day $3.95, $2.00 additional dog)
Active Dog Toy (Frozen Kong in Suite for 12 hours, $4.95 per dog)
Bedtime Cookie ($2.95 each)
Cuddle Time (15 mins of private cuddle time in their suite with a staff member, $4.95)
Island Hopper Package (includes 1 Playtime, Active Toy & Bedtime Cookie, $11.85 per day)
Crazy Island Package (2 Playtimes, Active Toy, Bedtime Cookie & Cuddle Time, $19.75 per day)