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Luxury Suites
Paw-A-Day Inn K9 Suites - Boarding
Deluxe Suites
Standard Suites
At Paw-A-Day Inn K9 Suites, we offer 3 level of accommodations for your pooch.  Luxury, Deluxe and Standard.  All Suites include the following:

  • Private covered patios
  • Climate controlled interior
  • Heated floors (interior and exterior)
  • Daily Maid Service
  • 24/7 Soothing Music

Our most popular doggy accommodation is the Deluxe Suites.  They have "tempered glass" on their fronts, so they are practically cage free.  The dogs love the open feeling.  Set all in a row, dogs don't see other dogs so they feel more comfortable and at ease.  Kuranda style beds to relax on and 56 sq feet of romping room, now that's a vacation!

$28.00 a day
There is nothing "standard" about our suites, except the name.  Stainless steel wire fronts with all the amenities and 52 sq feet of indoor/outdoor living space.  Kuranda cots for the pups to sleep on....NICE!

$25.00 a day
Things to remember...

While your pet is staying at our facility we want to ensure that their health and well being is a top priority. For this reason we require that any pet using our services be up to date on rabies, distemper combination and Bordetella vaccinations. We must have physical documentation from a State Licensed Veterinarian of this in order for your pet to stay with us. Please make us aware of any medical conditions your pet may have.

We will be more than willing to accommodate pets that are on medication, but only non-contagious animals can use the facility. When dropping off your pet please make sure to include enough food for their entire stay. You may also bring along items such as bedding and toys (limit 3) from home. Please make sure these items can be washed and dried.  Sorry we cannot accept clothing that has been worn by the owner, such as shirts, used towels etc, for sanitary reasons. Our top priority is keeping your pet happy, clean and comfortable throughout their entire stay with us.

All boarding is charged by the day.  The 10th consecutive day is always FREE.  We also offer Double Occupancy Discounts along with Family Separate Boarding Discounts.  (dogs must live in the same household to receive discount)

If you have any question concerning, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.

 Left:  Our Deluxe Suites feature tempered front glass to make your dogs stay more comfortable.
Fun Fact!!  Tempered glass fronts on our suites assure less stress for dogs that have anxiety from the feeling of being enclosed in a cage.
"Just to let you know, Jett enjoyed her "vacation" at Paw-a-Day! It is great to know that she is well taken care of while we are away! See you again in November, if not sooner."
                                                                                                                                                                    -Penny and Ramsey
Luxury Suites provide the most elite form of boarding possible.  We offer three (3) themed Suites; Jamaican, Hawaiian and the Illini Suite.  These pooches are pampered with large "bedroom" style cottages, 19" LCD DVD combo televisions, Private window over looking their own large private patio and 24/7 security surveillance system.

$33.00 a day
Extra Activities while Boarding!

  • Playtime
  • Extra Potty Breaks
  • Cuddle Time
  • Bedtime Cookies
  • Daycare
  • Grooming
  • Active Dog Toys


  • Island Hopper Package
  • Crazy Island Package
Go to our Contact Us page to see our check in/out times for boarding.
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at Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites
Boarding Deposit Policy:

We require a $25 deposit, per suite, at time of reservation, in form of check, cash or Credit Card, for all new (first time) boarding clients AND/OR boarding stays during our peak boarding dates (Dec 23 to January 2; last 2 weeks of March; May 15 to September 15; Wednesday before Thanksgiving to Monday following Thanksgiving) at the time of the reservation. The deposit will be applied to your pet's stay at check out. A deposit refund will only be granted for boarding reservations cancelled a minimum of  5 days prior to the first scheduled check in time. Deposits will be forfeited if cancellation is not made within the designated time frames. 

"No Show" reservations will require full payment of boarding at next boarding reservation.

During these (stated above) dates Luxury Suites must be booked for a 2 day minimum stay or you will be charged for 2 days, no exceptions.

During last 2 weeks of March, Thanksgiving (Wednesday & Thursday) and Dec 23 to Jan 2 all-suites require a 2 day minimum stay, no exceptions. 

For Online Reservations, your credit card is NOT charged unless you do not follow the boarding deposit policy.  We do NOT keep any credit card information on file, it is destroyed.