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5 S. Hodge Street
Tilton,  Illinois  61833

About Paw-A-Day Inn K9 Suites
At Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites we are dedicated to giving your pet a fun, safe and healthy environment to vacation in.  We are not your typical kennel, in fact the word "kennel" is a no no here, we prefer to use "Suites", because that is what they are!  Luxury at it's best, because that is what your pet deserves.

We offer a wide variety of wonderful services for your pooch: 

  • Luxury, Deluxe and Standard Suite Accommodations
  • Full Service Grooming Spa
  • Interactive Doggy Daycare
  • One on One Professional Positive Dog Training
  • ....and much, much more!!

​Our facility is nothing less than AMAZING!  From our spacious lobby to our indoor training facility to our large outdoor play yards, your pet is set up to have the time of their lives....and don't be surprised if they want to stay longer.  That actually happens here at Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites, they try to pull their owners back into the building!

Our HUGE play yards are covered with ProGreen Synthetic grass.  With Synthetic grass we can disinfect our play yards so your dog stays healthy and it looks like a golf course 365 days a year!  Dogs love it and treat it like real grass.  

The Story....

Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites opened their doors in July of 2010, but the dream started way before that.  Tony Piatt, owner, had visions of opening a canine boarding and training center in 2002.  He did years of research, online and visiting other similar facilities across the United States.  Tony has several friends in the business, who were kind enough to offer advice and give suggestions on how to make his dream come true.  

Tony did not want a "kennel' where people would just drop their dogs off and they would stay in cages until their owners returned.  He wanted them to have the times of their lives and have a vacation too...the owner's are on vacation, why can't their pooch be on one.  What better way to do this than with a tropical theme?  As soon as you step into the lobby you can feel the Caribbean calling your name.

Finding the perfect location didn't take too much time.  The Village of Tilton (Illinois) provided exactly what Tony was looking for; something close to the interstate and the flow of traffic, not in the middle of town and not way out in the country down dirt roads.  Four acres of land 3 minutes from Interstate 74...yep, that is perfect!

Designing the building was done entirely by Tony.  He knew exactly what he wanted from the lay out of the suites to the location of the restroom.  Without any doubt Mason Fence Company would be where the fencing was purchased for the suites.  Not just ordinary chain link fence...tempered glass and stainless steel.  The location of the suites and how they are set up are key to the layout to a comfortable calm environment for the dogs.

Fun Fact!!  Our suites are featured on the Mason Fence Company website  

With "Boarding and Training Center" in the name, of course Training had to be offered.  Tony, who was a police K9 Handler/trainer for 9 years and professionally trained dogs since 1999, is the head trainer.  And an indoor training facility was a must.  Grooming is the only part of the business that Tony does not do.  So Paw-a-day Inn K9 Suites only has the best groomers in the business.  

"This is a adventure and I love what I do....I've met and continue to meet some of the greatest people in this's are my life" says Tony.  "Come out and visit us, I know you will be impressed, but more importantly I know your best friend will be...."

Employment Opportunities....